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Learn more about how the founder, John Pearsall who founded Wake Up & Live Therapy to treat the M.E./C.F.S. syndrome.

The Founding of Wake Up & Live Therapy

Whilst living in Taiwan in the early 80’s and training in Shaolin Gung Fu, with an elderly Shaolin monk named Seng Cho Sing, he told me about Shaolin Yao (Shaolin Medicine) and how its concept differed from what Western people knew as Traditional Chinese Medicine.

With his family contacts still inside China, I was invited to attend a Phu Tong Medical Temple in the Hunan province of China. I was the first Westerner ever to be invited in.

I spent 7 months of each year for the next 16 years going to the Phu Tong Temple. A monk named Tian Shu Sing trained me in the “way” of Shaolin Yao. I also received training from 4 other monks, Wie in Qi Gong (still moving meditation), Qiang in Tui Na (massage), Lie in Gu Fuheng (bone rightening) and Yong in Qingxu (emotions). I was awarded “The Three Levels” the highest level being “Teacher”.

I have since then run private clinics in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, Vietnam, Canada, Germany, Norway, Spain and Kuwait.

I “woke” up my first C.F.S. patient in 1989 in Hong Kong, (it was called “Yuppie Flu” then) since then I have taken away all the symptoms from many suffering M.E./ C.F.S. from around the world.

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To contact me personally with questions, please email me at

John Pearsall

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