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Personal Observations and Comments


I “woke up” my first patient in 1989 in Hong Kong, an American, aged 38 years old. He worked in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. He came to me with a diagnosis from Western Medicine of what was then called ‘The Yuppie Flu’.

His symptoms were as follows:

  1. Constant tiredness in the whole body, extremely tired around 4pm.

  2. Unable to fall asleep at night.

  3. Headaches, pain behind the eyes.

  4. Pain in the arms and legs.

  5. Unable to control his emotions.

  6. Trouble with short-term memory.

  7. Hair falling out.

  8. Loud noise irritated him.

  9. Bright light hurt his eyes.

He said that the first time he had seen his doctor; he was told that it was stress. When the symptoms became worse and he returned to his doctor several times, he was eventually given the diagnose of a new virus called “The Yuppie flu”.

The first thing I noticed about him was his posture: a large hump in his back, shoulders rolled forward, chin pushed forward and a slight lean-to the left in his torso.

After reading his face, to find out what was happening to his organs, I took his 6 wrist pulses of Chinese Medicine, they did not confirm what I was reading on his face. I then knew that his problem was coming from a blockage of the “High Qi System”.

On a complete ‘hands on’ examination of his body, I found 7 areas on his skeleton structure which where blocking the flow of the “High Qi System”. Upon removal of these blockages the first time, he said that it felt like his body was waking up. After 9 weeks of training, stretching and massaging, all his symptoms had disappeared and he felt like a new person.

When I look at M.E. / C.F.S. sufferers, one of the first things I see is how bad their posture is. Then on further examination I always find the seven blockages of the “High Qi System” and when I remove these blockages permanently, M.E. / C.F.S. suffers return to normal and the symptoms never return.

The problem today when I look around at nearly ever young person I see, and it does not care which country they are from, is that they do not have a straight posture. This means they all have this pressure. I have been trying to explain that the future for these young people is going to be M.E. / C.F.S. or other related problems; allergies, weak eyesight, strong mood swings, depression, ADD, sclerosis, arthritis and many more.

There are two ways of stopping people from getting these problems. The first is by placing the structure back in its correct position with exercise to maintain that position. The next is that many young women that have this pressure in their body, who will eventually have children, will have to straighten their bone structure before getting pregnant or they will pass on this pressure to their children and start the cycle all over again.

As I have written in the above pages, if the mother’s hips are not in alignment, then during the development of the child in the uterus and during birth, the child’s hips will be locked out of position. This is not the mother’s fault, as Western Medicine does not think that having the bone structure out-of-place will cause these problems, so no one suggests to the mother to get her hips in place before she gets pregnant.

Traditionally in China, a female that wanted to become pregnant, went to see her village doctor, informed him of her decision and then he would correct any part of the body that would stop her from having a normal pregnancy and birth. An expectant mother in a typical Chinese community is placed on a pedestal, her workload is taken over by another member of the family, no stress is placed on her, all she has to do is be relaxed and allow the child to develop.

In reality of today’s problems of society, it’s very hard to find the perfect situation to have a child. Today women are becoming pregnant without any preparation. They go to their Gynaecologist, get a test done that confirms they are pregnant and then all the attention is on the baby development, not very much is directed towards the mothers preparation to give birth. Women today are told they can work up to the 7 month of pregnancy.

As the child grows we should go back to the old practice of making our children sit up straight at home and in the schools. Bring back simple exercises in the schools. Get young people to be proud of their posture, walk tall and upright.


For the ladies: I once did a simple experiment when working with a group of ballet dancers in Hong Kong, I had worked with 4 out of the 12 dancers. One day when they where rehearsing on stage, I got all the stage hands, which where men, to put their backs to the dancer and face me. I then had them turn and look at the ballet dancers for 2 seconds. When they had turned back, I asked them which were the ones they thought were the most prettiest. There was a spit decision between the 4 dancers I had work with. I then had the men turn and look at the dancers again but this time for 30 seconds. When they turned back each man had picked a different dancer. Now all these dancers are very pretty ladies, but at a quick glance the human eye is more attracted to a straight posture, the longer you look, the more you details you see.

For the men: If your bone structure is not in the correct position, the growth of your muscle structure is restricted. This means you will be slim, you can go a gym to build your muscles by pumping iron and after 3-4 months there will be no change. Muscles will only develop if the bone structure is in the right place.


The problem with today’s society is nobody takes the basic things in life serious anymore, there are always bigger problems to prioritise. Having a straight posture is a thing of the past. We have progressed from walking on all fours, to standing up right. The bone structure has changed through years of evolution. We are meant to be up right, with a straight back, chest up, face forward and two feet planted correctly on the earth. What you see today is people with bent spines, face directed towards the ground in front of them, rolled shoulders and a twist in their walk.

The amount of problems caused by a bad posture, is starting to overload the Western Medical system. If doctors do not start accepting that a misaligned bone structure can cause problems to the rest of the body, then they will be facing health issues that they will not be able to treat. M.E. is a good example, doctors have spent millions of dollars of their country’s health budget, to look for a “virus” that is causing M.E. with no success. M.E. is caused by the disruption of the nerve impulses from the brain to the organs, because the bone structure is misaligned. Remove the cause of the disruption to the impulses from the brain and M.E. / C.F.S. sufferers return to normal.


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