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Using Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment.


1. Realigning the bone structure.

The Bone structure is placed back in its correct position by stretching and turning the body in its natural rotations. When the bones return to their correct position, the pressure on the nervous system disappears and the body starts to function correctly. There is nothing wrong with the nervous system other than it is being compressed. Take that compression away and the nerves return to normal almost straight away. All the major symptoms of M.E./ C.F.S. disappear.


2. Exercises to put muscles back into their original position to support the new bone structure.

There are 31 easy exercises that will move the muscle structure back into its normal position. This takes 9 weeks of training to get the muscles back into their correct position and strong enough to support the bone structure. When the bone structure is supported it will not squeeze the Central Nervous System or move the Atlas vertebra out of position. The reason it takes 9 weeks, is because it takes the human body 9 weeks to change and forget the old position you where in.


3. Massages to soften muscles.

Because the muscles have been pushed out of their original position, they have dried and contracted back into their centre. This has caused the fibre of the muscles to twist into a ball. With exercise and a lot of deep massaging the muscle will return to their correct position and become soft and flexible. For a good massage to work, your bone structure needs to be in its correct position. If the bone structure is not, then it will only cause the muscle to tighten again.


4. Training in how to replace the bone structure yourself.

When you have completed 9 weeks of training, stretching and massage, the muscles and bone structure will be in their correct position, the entire nervous system will be free and impulses from the brain will flow freely to the organs, tissues and muscles. Your rotation of your body structure will be normal, which means you will be able to rotate your torso 100 degrees to either side. The spine can do this sort of rotation without damaging itself, further than 100 degrees will cause you to break the Facets of the vertebra. When you can rotate yourself 100 degrees, if any vertebra moves out of alignment, you can lie down on the edge of something, rotate your hips 100 degrees and any vertebra out of place will move back into its correct position. If a vertebra in the neck moves out of position, turning the spine will place it back into position. A neck vertebra only moves out of position because a vertebra in the back is out of position.


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